RFID Tags are small receptors which can be tracked using electromagnetic fields. They are small, non invasive, and can be tracked from a distance, even with obstacles in their way. RFID Tags can be programmed to store information, enabling each to hold unique data.

There are two types of RFID Tags

Passive Tags

  • Passive tags are small inconspicuous devices that can be embedded in fabrics, or attached to products.
  • They are activated when they come in close range of the RFID reader, and can draw power from their electromagnetic fields.
  • Because of this they are much smaller than their battery operated counterparts, and much more cost effective.

Active Tags

  • Passive RFID tags are significantly larger than passive tags because of inside battery.
  • They have their own battery source which helps to communicate with RFID readers.
  • Battery must be replaced from time to time. Their range and precision are also greatly increased due to this added power.But these comes with heavy cost.

We sell Passive Tags

People Tags

Our RFID wristbands offer fast & easy entry-exit, reducing queuing times and eliminating duplicate or replicate ticket frauds. Less staff is required for managing access control. Sites also benefit with quick & reliable cashless transactions, eliminate cumbersome cash handling & associated frauds thereby greatly reducing transaction times, empowering guests to spend, leading to increased revenues & profitability.

Vehicle Tag

UHF Windshield & Headlight labels for Automatic vehicle identification for Parking & Electronic Toll collection applications. Choose from a wide range of high quality Tamper Evident or Tamper-Proof UHF Tags.

Manufacture Parts Tag

Manufacturing processes are increasingly becoming more complex. The complexity is further added when the number of parts required for manufacturing increase. This situation makes it essential for the deployment of RFID tags, which enable automation in the manufacturing process by identifying the right parts in the supply chain and boosts efficiency by accurately identifying assets

Asset Tracking

All-Surface RFID labels offers best in class read range when applied on or off-metal surfaces. Designed to be thin & flexible, these labels can be printed & encoded on-demand using RFID enabled Thermal transfer printers. Easy to deploy, these labels are also weather resistant and suitable for outdoor applications.

Race timing

Whether running for charity, fun, social cause or a competitive sporting event, racers demand accurate recording of their times. We offer a comprehensive range of high performing UHF transponders, Race number bibs & shoe tags with integrated transponders.

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