Radio frequency IDENTIFICATION


What is rfid?

The answer we most often hear is that it is that fancy tracking system that companies track products with. But is that all? Of course not!

RFID as a technology has been around since the early 50s, and since the 2000s has seen a surge in adoption across the world. India isn’t too far behind, with most big retailers relying heavily on RFID technology, but there is so much more to this technology than just tracking objects from here to there!

RFID in Manufacturing

RFID also allows to collect data automatically to analyze and better manage the movements of parts, sub assemblies, tools, WIP and so on

RFID in Events

RFID technology gives real-time insight into how attendees are moving through events. This can help you make in-the-moment decisions ,

RFID in Supply Chain Management

Using RFID stock is more easily managed and logistical costs can be minimized. Retailers uses RFID for improving supply chain efficiency .

RFID in Vehicle Tracking

RFID Vehicle Tracking Solutions provide accurate, scalable and extremely reliable identification to seamlessly manage and control the movement of vehicles.

RFID Frequencies

Low Frequency (LF) RFID

Low Frequency RFID tags operate within the frequency of 30 – 300 KHz. These low frequencies have a short read range upto 3 inches. These are commonly used for animal husbandry, and factory settings where close contact is possible.

High-Frequency (HF) RFID

High Frequency RFID Tags operate within the frequency of 3- 30 MHz. They can store more data than LF tags, and have a range of upto 3 feet. Common applications of HF RFID Tags are eTicketing, payment, and data transfer applications.

Ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID

Ultra High Frequency Tags operate within the frequency of 300 MHz to 3 GHz. These higher powered tags have a range of up to 300 feet. They have faster transfer rates than both their other RFID Tags. These also prove to be more cost effective when it comes to production of tags.

why rfid? why not barcode?

Barcode labels have been the industry for many years.But RFID is getting popular these days.

While both are well suited for certain applications, the advantages of RFID over barcodes are great in number and significance.

Advantages of RFID over Barcode

RFID doesn’t need line of sight

To read barcode both barcode and reader need to be oriented in a very specific position in order to work properly. RFID tags don’t need to be directly in sight of an RFID reader. Since RFID uses radio waves to communicate, RFID tags only need to be within the read range of the reader.

RFID tag can be read/write

A barcode can only be read, and the data can never be changed once it has been printed onto a label. RFID tags can be read, and the data on the tag can be rewritten or modified as needed

Multiple Tags can be read at same time

RFID systems can read multiple tags at the same time, and do not need line of sight. Since RFID readers are capable of reading hundreds of tags at once, the increase in read rate saves you time that can be spent elsewhere.

RFID tags are durable and reusable

Depending on your application, you can find RFID tags specifically designed to work in harsh conditions. A durable hardcase protects these RFID tags from impacts, heat, moisture, and changing weather conditions. As we mentioned previously, since RFID tags are updatable, they can be reused, which will cut costs in your deployments.

RFID tags can store more data

An RFID tag actually stores data in non-volatile memory and is capable of storing up to 8 kilobytes of data in certain tags.

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